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About Navyug Vidhya Bhavan Trust 

Surat city, the city with ancient historical backgrounds and glorious cultural heritage, has been fortunate to witness tremendous progress in all fields in the last five decades with the passage of time the city has undoubtedly emerged as a city of industrial development in the field of textile industry and its diamond business has put it on the map of the world. The population of the city has year after year increased and a small town of earlier fifties has today become one of the most developed cities of the nation. With its remarkable progress in all spheres a need for more and more higher education institutions emerged. In the earlier sixties there were a few colleges of different streams already established by the Sarvajanik Education Society, but these were not sufficient to cater to the need of higher education of the city. Youth of the city were forced to go to other cities for taking higher education. Looking to this requirement, NAVYUG VIDHYA BHAVAN TRUST was established in the year 1965 with a mission to provide higher education to the people of Surat without any distinction of caste or creed. The trust was established under the Bombay Public Trust Act as a Public Education Trust on 21/02/1965 under the registration no.: E/1268.

The principal D. G. Vashi, the founder of Navyug Vidhya Bhavan Trust, was a sincere hardworking man with a special vision who was able to see the future needs in the field of higher education. Prof. Chandubhai Patel, Dr. Ramanbhai Patel, Shree Jagdishchandra Raval and Shree Harshadbhai shah were four other renowned names who joined hands with Principal Vashi in this noble task. All these five persons become the first Trustees of Navyug Vidhyabhavan Trust who were determined to start an Arts College and a science on the other bank of river Tapti then known as village Rander. A land of approximately 7 acres was purchased on Rander road and two separate buildings, one for an Arts college and another for a Science college were constructed. The total cost of land and construction plus necessary furniture, equipments, books, etc came to nearly 21 lacks. As in those days Veer Narmad South Gujarat University was not in existence the affiliation of the college was obtained from Gujarat University, Ahmedabad. It was in the year 1966 that Surat city became fortunate to get two more colleges, Navyug Arts College and Navyug Science College to satisfy the over increasing need of higher education. These two colleges were run under the same administration in the initial years. The inaugural function of these colleges was held on 29/5/1966 by the hands of then Chief Minister of Gujarat- Shri Hitendra Desai. The classes of first year B.A. and first year B.Sc. commenced from 15/06/1966 with 300 students and this laid the foundation of Navyug Vidhya Bhavan Trust Higher Education Institution which made speedy progress year after year.

In the year 1970 Navyug Arts and Navyug Science College were separated into two independent colleges. In the same year management decided to start a Commerce College too. As a result once again Navyug Arts College was transformed into Navyug Arts and Commerce College. With the passage of time commerce students increased in the college and thus a need was aroused to separate Navyug Arts and Navyug Commerce College. Consequesntly in the year 1973, Commerce stream was separated from the Arts college and an independent Commerce College was established which carried on its operations independently. Thu with in the short span of 7 years the Navyug Vidhya Bhavan Trust earned a credit of establishing three distinct degree colleges affiliated to the Veer Narmad South Gujarat University.

Today Navyug Arts College runs B.A. degree programme where in students are allowed to offer Gujarat literature and Economics as their main subjects while Hindi, Sanskrit, English, Statistics, History and Psychology are offered as subordinate subjects. A P.G. centre for M.A. in the subject of Gujarati is also run since last 10 years and number of students take advantage of this facility.

Since the day of its inception the college has been fortunate to get sincere, hardworking, efficient, devoted, learned and enthusiastic leaders as its Principal’s. Able administrators and successful Principal’s like Shree. D. G. Vashi, Shree. J. L. Desai, Shree. N. B. Naik, Shree B. R. Desai and Shree. Surati shouldered the responsibilities of nurturing this sampling and helping it develop into a bountiful tree. The sincere efforts of all these leaders contributed to the growth and progress of the institution year after year and today, the college has gained the reputation of one of the oldest and most renowned Arts college of the city.